Multimedia Ministry

About the Multimedia Ministry

ALA Technical Ministry maintains and supports our church’s communication system and uses  multimedia tools and social media platforms to broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ALA Technical ministers work behind the scenes to share the message of a church and deliver information to our congregation in the sanctuary and to reach out to those who may not be
able to make it to our physical Church.

Technical support includes:
  • Requirements for our worship services, amplified sound, recordings, lighting and video streaming.
  • In sanctuary service projections of the worship lyrics, bible readings and sermon notes.
  •  Internet based presentations of services via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Broadcast of other church experiences and events.
  •  Provide messages of sermons to distribute via CD/DVD or digital download.
  • Support services for ALA community activities, outreaches, spot meetings and to all other ALA ministries.
  • And for community services facilitated by the church, such as weddings and funerals




The sound  team facilitating the hearing of the Gospel.  Ministers on this team  are tasked with ensuring persons are able  to hear the  various messages  delivered for in service events  or outreaches.
Song Lyrics, sermon notes , announcements and  other presentations are projected  on TVs  within the sanctuary to facilitate the visual reinforcement of the spoken  messages delivered to the congregants.
The assembly's mission is World Evangelization. This ministry focuses on  ensuring the gospel is heard outside  the four walls of the church. Worship services are streamed on social media platforms for the sole purpose of spreading the good news to areas the assembly is not able to physically go  at that point in time.

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