ALA Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

A Life Group Is A Small Group Of Believers Who Meet In Each Other's Homes For Fellowship, Bible Discussion, And Prayer In An Effort To Grow Closer To God And Closer To One Another.  It Is A Small Christian Society.

- To help each other to live victorious Christian lives
- To promote fellowship and accountability to and for each other
- To stimulate holistic growth through education
- To building community - opportunities for people to be further engage in the life of the church community
- To create opportunities for Facilitators to emerge - develop leadership skills
- To help identify and develop spiritual gifts

Meet Our Facilitators

Cameron & Sonia Johnson

Life Group Name: Grace
Parish: St. Michael

Gloria Caines & Pamela Haynes

Life Group Name: Hearers and Doers of the Word
Parish: St. James

Lois & Michael Holford

Life Group Name: 
Parish: St. Michael
Location: Jackson, St. Michael

Sandra Hollingsworth & Sanchia Worrell

Life Group Name: Hands Together
Parish: St. Michael

Marcus & Faith King

Life Group Name: 
Parish: Christ Church
Assistants: Lawrence and Merline Lavia

Erwin & Cindy Edwards

Life Group Name: Faith and Trust
Parish: St.Michael

Cecily Clarke-Richmond

Life Group Name: Helping Hands
Parish: St. Thomas
Assistants: Frederick and Desery Watson

Kevin & Renee Clarke

Life Group Name:  The Gatekeepers
Parish: St.Philip

Terry & Lynette Waldron

Life Group Name: 
Parish: St. George

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